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Hi, I’m Atef Travel Chef in Jerusalem! I’ll help guide you through to find your dream tour. Once you’re finished or Create, The Registration Account   I’ll forward your request to my  local travel agent in Jerusalem and west bank  to find a trip that suits your preferences

Having guest’s in our Holy City in Jerusalem is a pleasure, my team and me we used to offer private City tour Camping/nightlife/west bank culture tour/  cooking classes- for people who like the homemade travel program If You want to spend time in Jerusalem or Palestinian Hospitality families house :

we are a kind and generous people who enjoy receiving guests in their experience and share My programs tourists services  my traveler’s lovers and with  the others

Why to use OutDoor Gear Travel/Vacation/ I’m an independent boutique travel Private Tour Program with

personalized travel planning experts that specialize in you! I will take the time to talk with you to totally understand what style of trip you want, your budget and what is important to you.

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All The products links on This Website from online affiliate sites to make some money

Have you ever wanted to buy an outdoor product&Booking- and been stumped about which product is best for You  Or, worse, bought a product only to learn later that you didn’t buy the right one for your needs? I have, and that is why I started OutdoorGear-travelOut

The OutdoorGear-Travelout mission is simple: to create world’s best outdoor gear reviews.

We believe the world’s best outdoor gear reviews are the ones that help you select the right products for your specific needs, budget, and interests

I always told my friends I would work any job six months a year if I could travel the other six. Travel AND shop: my favorite things. I saved all year in college and Family too to spend my summers backpacking in Worldwide

If it’s your first time visiting jerusalem , I’m linking below a few posts that I think are a great place to start reading. I write a lot about travel beauty products, packing, health, some of the more off the beaten track places

My Private Hospitality Service For You

Introducing a new way of cooking on a budget, Travel Chef provides easy, cheap and delicious recipes to backpackers and travellers around jerusalem and The Mount Of Olives -Free Tour in Outdoor Gear-Dead Sea Camping-as well Private House To stay for Groups -Travel, trips, recipes, restaurants and more. Two passion mixed together-And I will Show you The best Places 

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